Centre for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE)

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.


“To be an internationallyrecognized centreof exellencein Distance and continuing Education”


“ To contribute to the development of a knowledge based society through providing access to higher education programmes with high demand to scholars of all the age groups and catering the needs of adult learners who seek higher education for career advancement in an intellectually stimulating academic environment.”

-Members of the Management Committee As per the Commission Circular 932 and Bylaw-
Name Position
Professor Sanjeewanie Ginigaddara Vice Chancellor/ Chairperson
Prof. Roshan G. Ragel UGC Nominee
Mr. A.G. Karunarathne Council Member
Mr. P.P.H. Janaka Aruna Rathnakumara Council Member
Prof. P.M.B. Jayathilake Dean, Fac.of Management Studies
Dr. Janaka Pushpakumara Dean, Fac.of Medicine & Allied Sciences
Prof. D.T. Mendis Dean, Fac.of Social Sciences and Humanities/ Chairman /BOS / Diploma & Certificate Course in Tamil
Prof. E.M.R.K.B.Edirisinghe Dean, Fac. of Applied Sciences
Mr. A.M.G.B.Abeysinghe Registrar
Mr. S.S.K. Godakumbura Bursar (Acting)
Prof. W. P. Wijewardena Director/ CDCE
Prof. (Rev.) O. Chandrasiri Chairman, BOS –SSH (BA Degree Programme)
Dr. (Mrs.) P.L. Hettiarachchi Chairperson/BOS,B.Sc. External Degree - Biological Sciences, Fac. of Applied Science
Mr. D.A. Wehella Chairman/ BOS/ Diploma in English & Advanced Certificate in English
Dr. (Mrs.) HO Wijewardane Chairperson/ BOS, B.Sc. External Degree – Physical Sciences, Fac. of Applied Science
Mr. K.G.A. Udayakumara Chairman /BOS BBA, Faculty of Management Studies
Dr. D.M.S.L.B. Dissanayaka Chairperson/ BOS – Dept. of Environmental Management
Mr. M.G.L. Maveekubura Deputy Bursar, CDCE
Mr. N.C.S. Senaka Deputy Registrar, Secretary to the Management Committee
-Members of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) /CDCE.-
Name Position
Prof. W. P. Wijewardena Director/CDCE Chairman/ IQAC/CDCE
Prof. E.M.R.K.B.Edirisinghe Senior Academic & Council Member
Mr. AMGB Abeysinghe Senior Administrative officer
Deputy Director/Examinations Coordinator/ IQAC/CDCE
Mr. RKD Randeni BoS Representative of BBA External Degree
Prof. (Mrs.) TV Sundarabarathy BoS Representative of B.Sc. External Degree
Dr. D.M.S.L.B. Dissanayake BoS Representative of Diploma in Environmental Management
Mr. RM Dhanapala BoS Representative of Diploma in English and Advanced Certificate in English
Mr. PS Palliyaguruge BoS Representative of Diploma in ICT and Certificate in ICT
Mr. N.C.S. Senaka DR/CDCE On Invitation – Secretary to the IQAC/CDCE
Mr. M.G.L. Maveekubura DB/CDCE On Invitation
DMCUK Dissanayake AR/ (BBA) On Invitation
Prof.W. P. Wijewardena
Center for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE)
Director's Massage

It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege to give this message to you as the Director of Centre for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE) of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Higher education is considered to be the engine of the development in the present knowledge based society. Hence more and more people aspire to gain higher education. The primary responsibility of the Universities today is to produce high quality knowledge product that can directly and indirectly transform the society into a better place for all of us. The Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is committed to its efforts in providing open and distance learning to the students who meet the basic entry requirements to enter the state universities but fail to gain admission mainly owing to lack of physical and human resources available in state universities. Moreover, the CDCE of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is also conducting a number of Certificate and Diploma programs providing opportunities to those who wish to develop competent skills and gain career oriented qualifications. CDCE of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is an independent administrative body established mainly to operationalize and coordinate the activities pertaining to the external degree programs and extension courses. It is important to note that guidelines provided by the University Grants Commission on quality assurance of external programs are adhered to in all its programs. I trust that our graduates/diploma and certificate holders will be able to change their career with newly acquired qualifications to meet the challengers in the 21st century. I am confident that CDCE is continuously growing and will expand as a fully-fledged center of distance and continuing education in Sri Lanka. I wish all the very best for the candidates enrolled at CDCE and hope they will be able to achieve their expected academic qualifications successfully.

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